A Poletti taste of Istria04-04-2017

While at the Grand Tasting in February, in one of the masterclasses, I had the chance to taste the wines of Poletti, a Croatian winery located in Central Istria. Making wine for some six generations,... more>

The rest of 201605-01-2016

Continued from yesterday, a few more observations about what’s to come in 2016 in general and outside of Catalonia. Southern France I just received an email from Michel Blanc in Châteauneuf going on at length... more>

Tasting and visiting Clai05-11-2013

A little while back, we had the chance to traipse around Istria and catch up on many of the wineries that we either weren’t able to see or simply didn’t exist during our last visit... more>

Vinistra 201311-07-2013

In May, we attended Vinistra. This was their 20th edition of the fair, but this isn’t just an organization that puts on a fair each year to show the regional products of the Istrian Peninsula.... more>

The Vinologue-Torrassos extravaganza02-07-2013

Much like any region, if you go to enough wine related events, you end up bumping in to the same people. This is typically a good thing as you’re all there for wine and wine... more>

In The Glass: Matošević Alba Barrique 200402-06-2013

While paying a visit to Ivica Matošević’s winery last month, we tasted our way through all his labels and, at one point he pulled out a bottle of 2004 Malvazija. The reason for opening this... more>

Meet the Grimaldas06-08-2012

For some time, I’ve known the Matošević wines. A well known name up in Istria and generally an easier Croatia wine to find abroad, they’ve been producing what I consider to be solid and delicious... more>

Let the tastings commence!25-04-2012

While we’re still in the midst of and nearly completed with our new Empordà-Costa Brava enotourism guide, we’ve also picked up a large number of tasting samples from from the Zagreb wine fair. We’ll be... more>

Apetit, Blue, Brava, & Piquentum23-04-2012

After Mr. Bibich’s Friday night pouring, there was another winemaker tasting event at Apetit, on Saturday. I almost didn’t go as I was, well, rather “soft” after Friday night and had missed a number of... more>

Matošević Malvazija Alba Barrique 200708-09-2011

Malvazija is one of the most-produced and generally delicious white wines in Istria. Note that I just wrote Malvazija and not Malvasia. Until someone gets busy with deep DNA profiling, there is going to be... more>