I tasted these 2€ Spanish wines so you didn’t have to

by  |  04-10-2021

Spain has no problem selling its wines... as long as they're "a good value". This has become a double-edged sword given that the common perception, especially in markets like the UK, is that Spanish wines... more »

Value a go-go: Lidl Crémant de Bourgogne Brut NV

by  |  25-07-2018

I don’t frequent the Lidl wine selection as much as I used to. It’s not as tight as it is in the UK and seems to have cozied up to the fact that Spaniards largely... more »

The 4€ Bierzo Mencía experience

by  |  12-10-2017

I have something of a Modern Art-like fascination with the grocery store chain, Lidl. The implementation of their stores varies wildly from one country to another and in some stores, such as those in the... more »

The 10€ Barolo experience

by  |  06-03-2017

Barolo. One of the most elegant of Italian wines, this famed, delicate Piedmonte interpretation of the Nebbiolo grape has been treasured for years now. It must be noted that it’s a wine that could takes... more »
Definitely a different take on the Burgundy bottle

Ribera del Guadiana & Pago Los Balancines – Mata Negra 2012

by  |  24-03-2016

This bottle was another random find at Lidl which is quickly becoming my go-to shop for playing “Wine Roulette”. To be embarrassingly honest, I thought it was a bottle from Ribera del Duero and while... more »

In The Glass – Cutio Garnacha 2014

by  |  29-02-2016

With great pride, I fully admit to buying wines from Lidl, the once very trashy supermarket chain. They often have wines that pique my curiosity and the prices are such that they’re impossible to beat.... more »

Lidl & Domaine de Pignan 2008

by  |  30-05-2015

For those unfamiliar with supermarkets in Spain, there are few these days that are good and most verge on repugnant (Mercadona.) One of the ones that has historically been the mecca of all bargain dwellers... more »