#sademoji, Catalunya loses its cellar lead

by  |  27-08-2018

Well, Catalunya ain’t Number One anymore; at least in terms of Spanish regional cellar totals. State government statistics have come out that at last official count, there are 606 registered cellars in the Autonomous Region of Catalunya–although in scratching out the numbers I know, I come up with more for some reason (*). But, according to these given stats, Castilla y León just barely passes Catalunya with 609 cellars in total. Oh don’t worry, no one is going to come anywhere near the biggest producer of wine in terms of volume which is still Castilla y La Mancha with over 2 billion liters flowing out annually although the vast majority is in bulk and often sent to France to be attacked by masked wine bandits at the border. No one should actually be sad about this turn of events as Catalunya is still a leading producer of wine in Spain. […]
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