Mister Joly & Me

by  |  18-05-2020

Nicolas Joly gains admiration and/or scorn from vast and disparate sources. Since at least the 7th edition (and probably previous to that) in the hefty reference tome, the “World Atlas of Wine”, the “cru” vineyards of Nicolas Joly, Roches aux Moines and Coulée de Serrant, have been described as “fiercely and famously biodynamic”. By way of contrast, the satirical wine blog, “Hosemaster of Wine” has mentioned Nicolas Joly at least 15 times throughout his nefarious writing career that covers the last decade. But more than mentions by others, Nicolas Joly is heralded as the father of biodynamic viticulture. For those unfamiliar with this approach to farming, I think the best description is: organic meets witchcraft. The core of the belief is to provide excellent soil health in a closed-circuit wherein your vineyard and farm in general become a self-sufficient and healthy biosphere. It is to to put it lightly, a […]
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