In The Glass – Barranco Oscuro BO2 2010

by  |  04-12-2014

Just two streets over from that ludicrous white elephant in Sevilla, the Metropol Parasol sits La Pepona at C/ Javier Lasso de la Vega, 1. A worthy restaurant in its own right with lovely Andalusian dishes, it sports an extremely healthy selection of wines from Southern Spain, especially when it comes to the sherries. Those happened to be for closing the meal as it was the Barranco Oscuro on the menu that was first needing to be tried. This biodynamic “natural” wine from the Alpujarras Hills near Granada has been all the rage in wine circles these days. The Tempranillo vines are high altitude and by high, it should be said, the highest. Sitting at 1,368m, they are actually the highest vines not just in Spain, but all of Europe. Just remember that the next time you think Spain is just a plane wherein it hardly rains–which is also not […]
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