Matošević Malvazija Alba Barrique 2007

by  |  08-09-2011

Malvazija is one of the most-produced and generally delicious white wines in Istria. Note that I just wrote Malvazija and not Malvasia. Until someone gets busy with deep DNA profiling, there is going to be a lot of confusion over these grapes. To suffice, Croatian Malvazija is usually thought to be the same as Italian Malvasia. Croatian Malvasia is grown down in the Konavle area south of Dubrovnik and is not the Italian grape. The debate still rages on this though and genetics might prove that it’s ultimately the opposite of assumed perceptions, but whatever the case, this Istrian grape and the Dalmatian one are definitely different grapes as any winemaker in Croatia will tell you. This is all despite the fact they’re both often spelled as Malvasia when exported or sent to compete in international competitions. Matošević has been around for a few years now and Ivica’s wines have […]
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