Last chance to submit to the Geoffrey Roberts Award 2018

by  |  10-09-2018

For those who may not know of it, the Geoffrey Roberts Award is one that takes on the form of a bursary granted to those who show “…a genuine commitment to New World wines or wines from Emerging Regions.” While a broad mandate, it’s much more focused than you may think and as the previous winner of the award in 2016, I can personally tell you it’s an award that carries a great deal of weight. If you are the least bit interested in being awarded what is now £8,000 (!!!) for a winning proposal, I would highly suggest entering now as the hard deadline is arriving September 30th. Be warned, entering isn’t a simple one paragraph affair speaking in broad, general terms. My submission for what became the newest book on Georgian wines was in fact four very dense, single-spaced pages in the end so don’t think this is […]
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