Lady strangler news, Escanyavella 2015

by  |  18-10-2017

There exists an old grape in DOQ Priorat that sits in something of a legal limbo called, Escanyavella. Essentially it means “old lady choker” or “strangler” depending on how poetic you might want to be about such things. You can read my initial account of finding a wine from this grape at the cellar of Ripoll Sans when writing the Priorat book and then a follow up once Vall Llach released a new wine that was majority Escanyavella as well. Let’s be clear on the subject, it’s a microcosm of a grape in the region in terms of production but at the same time, there has not been a DNA match with any other grape and this is both fantastic and troubling. It makes it a unique grape (not Merseguera as was once thought) but at the same time, it means that its path to full approval is much, much […]
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