Kosovo wines getting seen

by  |  31-10-2011

So, it appears that either Stone Castle winery in Kosovo sponsored a press tour or a few journalists have managed to find their way down to Kosovo and taste the wines that they’re producing there these days. They’re apparently growing in quality as well as quantity: Now, an optimistic air has returned to the Kosovan wine industry. Economist-turned-wine-producer, Miro Brkic, who lives in Rahovec, says with its average 270 days of sunshine each year, the area remains an ideal spot to make fine wine. Go south to Macedonia, he says, the grapes have too much sugar. Go north to Serbia, and they’re too acidic, he claims. We’ll see if in a year or two, Stone Castle’s Vranac will be giving neighboring Montenegrin Plantaže’s Vranec a run for its the money.
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