Kitrus – Syrah 2012

by  |  12-02-2016

Macedonia is a tricky little bit of Greece in that it’s a historical region that the Greeks aren’t too keen on the country of Macedonia or, “The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”, calling itself as such. Just call the Macedonia country, “FYROM” to be one of the cool kids but don’t forget that Macedonia in Northern Greece is home to a great many wonderful things, like wine. This bottle of Greek Macedonian wine I picked up in Athens last fall and while all the others from those tastings are native Greek grapes, this one is a Syrah from Kitrus Winery. Why on earth would I buy a Syrah from Greece when Syrah is literally everywhere in the world? Well, Syrah is one of the very few “international” grape varieties that I feel can move around a bit. Officially a cooler climate grape, it does quite well in hot climates as […]
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