In The Glass: Casa Mariol Ull de Llebre

One of the great aspects to food in Spain is that there is wine from Spain to go with it. When at Rekons (an Argentine empanadas spot in the Eixample/Sant Antoni area of c/Comte de Urgell & c/Foridablanca) if one asks for “vinto tinto” (essentially a glass of the house wine), you’ll get a proper pour from any one of the bottles from Casa Mariol

The first night we went there, it was a glass of Ull de Llebre (literally, “hare’s eye”–the Catalan name for Tempranillo). It was delicious. Smooth, easygoing, and relatively plush, it was a wonderful partner to have with a pile of empanadas. It was a surprise to see that it had 13% alcohol as Casa Mariol is in the DO Terra Alta region which is very much in the interior of Catalonia. Whatever the case, this winery is putting out some tasty wines with their signature bottles and website. And in case you were wondering, another visit to Rekons (you really can’t have enough empanadas) garnered their Merlot which is seen in the shot above.