In The Glass: Veronica Ortega – Cobrana 2016

by  |  10-05-2019

For some time, Mencía, a grape native to the Bierzo region, was the “Pinot Noir of the moment” for Spain. The comparison seems to always be made with any grape, Spanish or not, that’s red, lighter-colored, and holding less than 14% alcohol. What’s interesting is that it doesn’t oft stick and it feels like it’s those who have just discovered DO Bierzo and its Mencía wines that are drawn to declare this conclusion these days, especially as boozier Mencías do exist. Mencía has thankfully continued on and is carving out more and more of a name for itself. Sure, that name is largely still in the minds of wine professionals and, as shown by a tasting I led in London last week, few of the wine drinking public know of its existence despite a recent seven page panel tasting in Decanter. This lack of needed to be Pinot-y and conforming […]
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