Descendientes de J. Palacios – Pétalos 2015

by  |  21-08-2017

Living where I do, I know the wines of Álvaro Palacios very well as his winery is one of the most dominant in the region. Something like 15% of all the grapes grown in DOQ Priorat, pass through his cellar–that’s some serious business there. And his top three wines: l’Ermita, Les Aubagetes, and Finca Dofí, are all excellent wines even if the prices are essentially impossible to swallow for most of us. The mid-range Gratallops Village wine I find generally good, but the two lower-end wines of Camins del Priorat and Les Terrasses usually don’t interest me much and I find them quite overpriced for what they are. It was for this reason that I’d somewhat avoided the Pétalos wine of Álvaro’s other project with his cousin, Ricardo Pérez in DO Bierzo called, Descendientes de J. Palacios. As it turns out, the profile of this wine does not follow in […]
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