In The Glass: Uvas Veloces 2015

by  |  12-08-2016

Sometime back we’d posted about supporting the Uvas Veloces project on the Catalan version of Kickstarter, Verkami. We’re not sure if it was our mention or a general curiosity for people to taste this wine from what owner, Oscar Pasanau was hoping to be the 4th subzone of DO Vinos de Madrid, but ultimately the campaign succeeded. In generally keeping with the schedule the two boxes we’d opted for arrived to the village a few weeks back and we’ve had the chance to taste it. Overall, a very solid wine and quite different from the Grenache you find in Catalonia, Aragón, or Rioja with considerable less alcohol than what you typically find in Grenache. Designed to be a young wine, it’s not a bottle to age, but for the price and overall scope, the resulting wine was quite solid and we’re very happy to have it in the cellar for […]
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