In The Glass: Trapan Che non Che 2011

by  |  06-05-2013

On the first night of arrival at this year’s Zagreb Wine Gourmet Festival, I shared Catalan and Istrian bottles with Goran and Alen from Taste of Croatia at the Hole in One Pub in the center of Zagreb. While munching on a burger, in the door bounced Bruno Trapan of the eponymous Trapan Winery. Bruno was touting his brand new creation which is a sparkling wine made from 100% Teran. Upon first look, the thought was, “great, another crap pink bubbly wine” as I generally prefer only my soda or water to have bubbles, but this surprised me. Once the initial nose blows off, a great deal of the Teran aromas come through. Small touches of mature red cherry and earthy aromas can be found. But, it’s the body that takes the biggest turn as it is not the least bit sweet. A fully dry wine, it’s full bodied and […]
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