I love you natural wines, but someone has come between us

by  |  17-07-2014

As far as I can tell, any religion that has succeeded has aimed to be inclusive and had a defined set of rules perhaps carved in stone or at the very least garnered from some enigmatic book. Most everything short of that has been what is usually called a cult, has a generally short-lived following (at least in the scope of overall humanity) and is shunned by the population at large. It’s this second one which is the point I am at with “natural” wines. I’m quite annoyed that it’s come to this with “natural” wines as that natural part (without quotes) I am quite fond of, very much attracted to, and drink regularly. It’s the part where it’s necessary to en-quote the word where it all goes to shit. You see, for those not familiar, the basic tenants of a “natural” wine should be: Organic grape growing, or if […]
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