Goodbye Colmado Quilez, goodbye Barcelona

by  |  30-01-2015

For those who love Spain and haven’t been in awhile, you’ve basically lost your chance to see the country as it was. Starting January 1, 2015, the commercial rent control law of 1964 is no longer in effect. Ruthless dictator Franco enacted this law in the middle of the 20th century to try and stabilize the Spanish economy by giving businesses a break and not having them be at the whim of property speculation. Much like rent control on an apartment, the monthly payments for business spaces could only go up each year by a small amount to take in account inflation and in some ways it worked. Smarter people in political office after the return to democracy (the Socialists) realized this but after extending the law twice, the current party in power, Partido Popular has decided its mandate to be the dismantling of the country and decided to not […]
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