A unique tasting/streaming of Finos Palmas in Barcelona

by  |  22-11-2013

Being that I am a quasi-neophyte in the world of Sherry, I will jump at the opportunity to join any tasting event to further my education of this generally delicious but generally unappreciated Spanish wine from Jerez (which for those who don’t know, is the Spanish name for Sherry.) And, every time I taste this meticulously aged drink, I am reminded of what every wine critic worth their wines and words says: Sherry presents one of the most amazing values in high quality, aged wines currently. The producers’ main issue right now is that they have an image problem given that the drink is seen only for the cane-equipped, sitting in Heaven’s waiting room crowd. While I admit that your general club-goer in their early 20’s would probably miss the finer aspects of Sherry, those wine lovers who have reached the big 3-0 and beyond are missing something if we […]
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