Far flung Mas de les Vinyes

by  |  16-02-2014

It’s often the case when working on a new book (as we are currently for Montsant) that you come across a winery that is incredibly surprising. It doesn’t always happen, but when it does it makes you happy you took the time to visit each and every cellar in a region. The was the case with Mas de les Vinyes. It would have been very easy not to visit it. Located within the boundaries of Cabacés, it’s nowhere near the village. It is in fact the only winery still in existence in this small village that is now known much more for its olive oil (insanely delicious btw). Toss in this the fact that the visit ended up being in the middle of January (a time of the year known for seasonal hospitality in the comarca of Priorat) and the “Thank you, no” option would seem even easier. But then […]
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