Down home, country wine

by  |  30-09-2011

The initial call to Long Creek Winery went along the lines of: “Hi, any chance we could come over for a tasting?” “We only do ’em on Saturday.” “Okay, but I’m only in town today and wanted to write about the winery…” “Only on Saturday.” <click> The call to Quilici Vineyards was a little more fruitful: “Hi there, are you open for tastings today?” “Yeah. What you got?” Oroville, CA being my hometown, I’m used to the “folksy” approach of people in the Central Valley. Still, I have to admit that the Long Creek interaction was a bit surprising given that in this town, there are only three wineries in total and chances are, anyone reading this will not have heard of them unless they live there. While the area (about 150km north of Sacramento) had a large Italian population some time ago, it has not been well known as […]
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