D. Russell Smith, a Texan in the vineyards of Montsant

by  |  29-03-2016

When researching the book for DO Montsant, I did everything I could to uncover every wine that was being made with any degree of seriousness within the appellation. This took me to all the far-flung corner of the Priorat county including Cornudella del Montsant where, at the cellar of Ronadelles I found this random bottle on a shelf called, “D. Russell Smith”. Asking the owner what it was, she told me it was a wine they had a friend producing there but it was just for export. This was 2013 and given that I couldn’t find any other trace of this “flying wine”, I let it pass by given that I try to only include wines with a bit more history behind them. Naturally, things have a way of coming back around to you and I recently encountered this wine again via the maker, D. Russell Smith leaving a comment […]
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