Corpinnat & Clàssic Penedès have been in discussions to form new sparkling DO

by  |  07-05-2020

A small news item from the Corpinnat sparkling wine group was released recently that stated they’ll be forming a new Denomination of Origin (DO) that could be with the producers of Clàssic Penedès. While released back in March (and a bit lost due to Coronavirus news taking over everything) this is the latest chapter in the ongoing saga regarding sparkling wine production in Catalunya by producers who have been crafting top-notch wines but having trouble getting people to understand (or pay) for the difference as they were bound within the confines of bottom-shelf-heavy DO Cava–which is mostly produced in the same region of Penedès. For those who might be coming at this for the first time, let me summarize what’s happened in the last two years. In April of 2018, five of the best producers of Cava launched a certification scheme for sparkling wine called, Corpinnat. Any sparkling wine producer […]
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