The kvevri: of clay & wine05-08-2017

June marked the release of the new Georgian wine book and meant a trip over to Georgia for a presentation at their annual wine fair in Tbilisi. It also meant that we’d be able to... more>

On writing a Georgian wine guide28-06-2017

For anyone who might think it a quick way to riches, you simply do not write wine books for financial gain. Most everyone writes these types of books with little regard to the scant paycheck... more>
Pictured with the Georgia book

Alaverdi Monastery – Saperavi 201123-06-2017

There are few winery slogans that can match that of the Alaverdi Monastery in Kakheti, Georgia. To state, “Since 1011” on the label leaves little up for debate that these monks have been making wine... more>
Doesn't look terribly orange no?

Amber versus Orange wine19-06-2017

This is an expanded excerpt from the new Georgian wine book Red wines in Georgia–whether aged in kvevri, barrel, tank, or what have you–are indeed some take on the color we all know as “red”... more>
Photo by Denis Gavrilin

Extreme Cellars: Katskhi Pillar, Georgia30-03-2017

When doing research for the Georgian wine book, I came across many wondrous things in this little country in the Caucasus but one of the most fascinating was the Katskhi pillar. Located near the Northern... more>
Map from the Georgian Wine Agency

The appellations of Georgian wine16-01-2017

These first weeks of 2017 have been spent poring over various laws, rules, conference minutes, and other information to distill down into a readable form, the current appellations in the Republic of Georgia. This is... more>

Wine Predictions for 201728-12-2016

This is of course that time of year when anyone writing in wine sets forth their grand predictions for this next trip around the sun. Yay! They can sometimes be interesting but, despite its slow... more>

Paried with Lukasi Saperavi 201326-11-2016

When in Tbilisi, Culinarium Khasheria is one of those must-eat stops for most anyone. I was there just recently while working on the last bit of research for the Georgian wine book and like previous... more>

Traditional kvevri opening21-10-2016

While traversing across all of Georgia for a new wine book, I saw many things and then, when I arrived to the “Ancestral Wine Cellar” in Kakheti, I saw a few more. The Sagvareulo family... more>

Driving in Georgia18-10-2016

This is an excerpt from this new Georgian wine book about what it means to drive in Georgia. When visiting most wine regions in the world, the question always arises: to hire or not to... more>