In other news…

by  |  28-02-2022 ~ 1 Comment

This week I'd wanted to share a report on some excellent wines in California. I'd wanted to write up stories about funny and/or ridiculous things happening in the wine world. I'd wanted to do a... more »
Photo by Gutter & Stars

Exceptional English Chardonnay

by  |  17-02-2022 ~ 1 Comment

Sure, still whites made from Chardonnay in the UK have been around for a while, but now it’s a variety that's definitely found its voice. While grown in the country for some time, my first... more »

The rise of the wine experts’ subscription sites

by  |  11-01-2022 ~ 18 Comments

It's very strange to be a wine writer right now. I say this as for the last two decades, space to write about wine has decreased almost as fast as what publications are willing to... more »
A window back into the pre-pandemic

We’re just not there yet

by  |  03-11-2021 ~ 7 Comments

Last week I went to attend a professional wine tasting here in Catalunya. It's held inside the striking location of an abandoned church up on a hill with a view to the village below and... more »
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Biogenic amines, sulfites, headaches, & wine

by  |  14-06-2021 ~ 2 Comments

The research papers for Master of Wine candidates don't often receive a lot of attention once released for public consumption as they're quite focused and specialized, sometimes to a fault. It would however seem that... more »

Wines on film

by  |  17-05-2021 ~ 2 Comments

A few months back, I posed the question on Twitter as to whether or not others enjoyed watching people taste wine on camera. I wasn't asking for nefarious reasons but purely due to the fact... more »

Not finding fault

by  |  23-03-2021 ~ 2 Comments

A much-delayed visit to Raventós i Blanc in Penedès finally came to fruition last week as we just emerged from "county confinement" to "regional confinement". With a brilliant sun shining upon us after weeks of... more »
Photo derived from work by Alfons Morales

With wine information, you get what you pay for

by  |  05-03-2021 ~ 6 Comments

A little while back on a wine professionals online forum I often interact with, someone asked a great question about where to get information for studying up on the region of Jura as she was... more »

The personal story behind a stock wine photo

by  |  25-02-2021 ~ 8 Comments

If you spend any time in the internet you undoubtedly know these hands holding those grapes. Anyone who has seen anything relating to wine, whether a newsletter or the cover of a well-known magazine will... more »

Why Sherry is reviving

by  |  22-02-2021 ~ 3 Comments

It's the news that Sherry producers have been waiting literally decades to hear: Sherry sales have increased! As was recently reported in terms of the UK (a principal market for the wine), Sherry sales have... more »