Breakfast, tweets, and wine in the Priorat

by  |  18-10-2012

Earlier this month, we were invited to to take part in a a “Breakfast & Tweets” meetup at Hostal Sport in Falset, Priorat put together by two of the most active promoters of enotourism in the region: Hostal Sport owner, Marta Domènech and fellow wine writer, Ruth Troyano. Basically, they assembled a group of us who blog, tweet, and generally write about wine and/or travel to gather together and share a very proper Priorat breakfast (with wine, of course). You see, the tradition in Priorat, as well as in rural Catalonia in general, is to eat an early meal that really sticks to the ribs so that you can go out in the fields, work all day, have a lighter lunch, and then come back home for dinner. They call these traditional breakfasts ‘esmorzar de forquilla’, which means ‘breakfast with a fork’. This one of the specialties of Hostal Sport […]
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