Blind tasting and finding typicity in DOQ Priorat

by  |  07-03-2019

What do you call a group of blind wine tasters? A “fool”, a group of blind wine tasters is called a fool. I am an itinerant member of one such fool in Barcelona and the idea behind it is to have someone host said fool once a month or so and set out a group of wines that we then smell, sip, analyze, spit, and make that almighty educated guess as to what it was that just passed through our mouths. While the art of tasting is a meticulous practice in and of itself, arranging it can be just as much so as there is admittedly a nefarious streak in any host to fool the fool by not making it easy. Put a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc next to a Napa Valley Chardonnay and you’re not going to have a hard time picking those out. Valpolicella and Côtes du Rhône […]
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