And your palate is…?

by  |  20-07-2011

I’ve really quite gotten in to what Jon Bonné writes in his blog. I’ve always found him to be a balanced and solid wine critic for the SF Chronicle. But, it seems that his blog is an outlet for him to vent about all the nonsense in the wine industry and I like that. A recent article that caught my eye was his asking for us to stop talking about the “European palate“. Jon goes on at length to express how this is such a cop out. Basically, it’s a dismissive term to toss at those who don’t like certain American wines as it is, in theory, a liking of wines that are high in acidity, generally lower in alcohol, and lighter in oak. I have to admit that this is more the type of wine that I like as long as the acidity isn’t too high. While I’m a […]
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