A year for the table

by  |  23-10-2014

At the beginning of May, during the Fira del Vi, I stopped in to visit a friend in the village of Capçanes in Priorat as he was out removing excess growth in his small vineyard of Hairy Grenache and Carignan. As it was 20:00 and the sun was casting a loving glow to the vines and rolling hills so common to DO Montsant, he looked up from the work and said, “I can feel it, this is going to be a great harvest.” Suffice to say, he, I, and a group of friends harvested that vineyard about three weeks ago and ended up tossing about 60% of the grapes on the ground. Such is the case for 2014 in Priorat, as well as a great deal of Catalonia (DO Costers del Segre have been allowed to chaptalize to get their sugar up to wine-able levels.) The weather has been strange […]
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