A strike at the heart of DO Cava

by  |  06-09-2019

Yesterday, September 5th, three groups of viticulturists in the Penedès region (Unió de Pagesos, JARC, and Viticultors del Penedès), held a planned harvest strike against the ongoing grape pricing scandal in DO Cava. More than 700 farmers and more importantly, 300 tractors went on a procession around the territory of Penedès to meet with various entities, be heard, and try to gain visibility to this unjustified squeeze by Big Cava. Several meetings have taken place between the affected parties since the news broke a couple weeks ago that Big Cava decided to pay 28-30% less for grapes compared to last year. But the big houses have continued with the line that the reductions are necessary due to “excess stock” from last year and that it is too late into the harvest season to negotiate new prices–despite the fact they were the ones that changed the prices just before the harvest […]
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