A report on DO Empordà in 2019

by  |  18-11-2019

I find it harder and harder to write about DO Empordà because the more I taste the wines, the clearer and more brilliant the definition of the region becomes. Yet despite this, it remains so generally unknown to the wine-drinking public at large. It leaves me wondering as to what more I can say other than the constant refrain of, “it really and truly just keeps getting better”. You can now read the latest tasting report for this region tucked up against the border of Catalunya and France. You’ll notice that it’s a relatively small report at around 60 wines. This is because I asked the wineries to submit wines they felt were “definitive” of the territory. The impressive result in this is that over 2/3 of the wines scored 90 points or higher. I’ve been following the development of wines in Empordà for nearly a decade and a half […]
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