A redesign of Wine on VI

We’re happy to launch a new look and feel to this website today. For those who read it via a feed reader, email, or some other form, hop over to wineonsix.com and have a look.

The big question in work such is this is, “Why did we do it?” The simple answer is because it was time. The website has been through several iterations over time and this dust-off of the code and function was needed to bring it in to line with mobile phone use as well as being modern and have the content we strive to produce look its best.

In case you’re not aware, this site is published by Vinologue and was originally a subsection of that website for the wine guides. The content started getting out of control and growing beyond the scope of a publisher’s blog. We unleashed it as its own site in 2012 with the URL, enotourist.net as a form of portal/blog for wine and enotourism.

We tired of the name as well as the fact the site didn’t load well on mobile phones and it was changed to the address you see now, wineonsix.com in later 2014. The theme was also updated, perhaps a bit in haste and wasn’t exactly what we wanted but served its purpose for some time.

So we arrive at today in early 2016 with a completely revamped theme that works well on the mobile phone and tablet which is where most people read blogs and news these days anyways. We also took a moment to clean up various aspects of the site and make it more clean and elegant as well as served on a white background with what will be more photos in each article. Photos make wine a lot more fun do they not?

Naturally, if you find anything out of place, do drop us a line and thanks for your readership!