A question of design: Casa Mariol Syrah

by  |  19-12-2018

A wine importer in the US once commented to me about the labels on Spanish wines: “The great thing here is that I either love them or hate them. Being neutral never happens.” Generally, if he hated the labels, he’d ask the winery to change them, they would and all would be happy. The reason behind the back and forth would always revolve around the design of the labels. Spain, while in the top three of wine producing countries, is most definitely not France nor Italy in terms of labels. Those two countries generally have pretty staid labels which just show producer, appellation and little else. Admittedly, there are sometimes a wealth of regulations that stymie such adventures but it’s pretty rare to see a French wine label that gives you a chuckle or really stands out, unless of course it’s Vin de France or “natural” wine. I’ve gotten used […]
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