A new Carignan at a new project in the Montsant: Bell Cros – El Tracte 2017

by  |  23-03-2020

DOQ Priorat has the lead over DO Montsant in terms of overall cellars (nearly double at 110 vs 60 respectively) but it’s important to keep in mind that DO Montsant is less than 1/3 as old as its sibling. Taking that into account, one can see that DO Montsant has come a long way in a very short time and a large part of the reason is that there are a good deal more opportunities within this younger DO. For starters, the DO Montsant is more hungry and energetic, so as a brand, they work to get the name out into the big wide world a good deal more. DOQ Priorat doesn’t do nearly as much on this front and is mostly relying upon its member cellars to get the name out on their own. The dominance of cooperatives in DO Montsant also allows more opportunity interestingly. These old enterprises […]
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