Zayane, a new tribe on the Moroccan wine map

by  |  03-04-2019

It was 2015. I was slightly younger, living in a different village, and most importantly, thought nothing of going to Morocco, in July, during Ramadan. That was an adventure worthy of the hardest of face-palm emojis but at the same time, it gave me one of the rare opportunities to see winemaking up close in Morocco, which admittedly isn’t a country that burbles to the top of people’s minds when talking about wine. The reason there’s wine production there at all is due to Morocco being a French Colony at one point and there are still hundreds of hectares of old Carignan and Grenache vines hanging around today despite the epic heat and 60C chergui wind that can blast up from the Sahara Desert during the summer. But these vines were the reason I went along with Albert Costa of Vall Llach to meet up with Farid Ouissa, the head […]
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