Wine with a greater purpose: El Microscopi 2016

Wine needs a story! So harps those in marketing these days and I have to agree that there is some truth to this as a wine without a story is essentially the beer, Coors Light. But much like how all wine is inherently “natural”, I think that all wine has a story and it’s just a matter of telling it.

So, let’s tell the very worthy story about this wine, El Microscopi from the Penedès cellar, Alemany i Corrio. The project started back in 2012 when Irene Alemany (co-owner and enologist with her husband, Laurent Corrio) found that a local hospital was lacking a type microscope needed in the treatment of cancer and thus she took it upon herself to make this wine where all the proceeds went to the purchase of the microscope. I feel like I might be the only person who is aware of this original history as the press release I received with the wine simply states that the funds generated now go to a different aspect of research in the cure for cancer. Despite being a simpler story, that’s fine as it still makes for plenty of reason to pick up the wine and support the cause.

The most important aspect however is that the wine is actually quite good and at 9€, very well priced. As I assume they source this from their own vines, there are only about 3,200 bottles made. In following with the practices of their cellar, it’s all made with spontaneous fermentation, “sustainable” grapes, and winemaking that follows the moon cycles. Overall, a wine to share with friends and serve as a proper talking point as well.

El Microscopi 2016
Dark purple in color with minor rim variation. Tart red cherry, crunchy limestone, lemon peel, gooseberry, tea leaf, wild oregano. Red cherry and tart plum on the palate with the berry notes going slightly reductive but with a lot of garrigue behind it and a medium finish.

13.5% Merlot, Carignan, Cab Sauvignon 9€
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