Wine shipping in the US

by  |  15-07-2014

While often asked about how to travel with wine from Americans, from Europeans, we’re often asked, “What do you mean you can’t just send a bottle of wine from California to Pennsylvania?” It’s a logical question as the US is, at least in theory, one country, but there are time when the 50 states that comprise it are less cohesive than the notoriously grumble-prone (get a room UK & France) 28 countries that comprise the EU. But the EU common market generally works better as seen by a box of wine samples from the Rhône Valley that showed up a couple of days ago from France without a problem while living in California, getting bottles from New York importer involved all kinds of pain and labeling of “olive oil”. Now if there was only some way to finally get another box of samples from Israel that Madrid has decided to […]
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