Wine & Chocolate, ergh

by  |  02-02-2016

This originally ran on my column at Barcelona Metropolitan but I present it here in its full length Being originally American, I grew up steeped in the tradition of Valentine’s Day which arrives on the 14th of this month. Let this be a reminder for those who don’t happen to pledge allegiance to the Stars and Stripes! As a preview for those who don’t know it, Valentine’s usually means nice dinners, wine, and for some reason, chocolate–nothing says, “I love you” like tossing a box of fattening sweets at your woman and then expecting her to squeeze in to some sexy lingerie. Chocolate is one of those things that pairs really, really badly with most wines. Sure, you can go with the time-tested adage of “Custard, good, steak good, what’s the problem?” but if you’ve tried pairing it in the past, you’ve probably found that chocolate and white or red […]
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