Vi Ranci finally gets its due

by  |  01-03-2014

Vi Ranci is often avoided by people. We suppose it has to do with the name which directly translates from Catalan as “rancid wine”. Admittedly that’s not too appealing and sounds downright repulsive. The taste is similar to what you find in Fino Sherries in that it has an oxidation quality to it that some may initially be put off by given that it tastes nothing like regular wines. Once you do “get it” you fall in to that age-old paradigm of it needing to be pried from your cold dead hands before wanting to give it up or stop making cocktails from it. In an effort to boost the profile as much as they could, makers from both the south of France as well as here in Catalonia put on a showcase of Vi Rancis at Celler de Can Roca’s Mas Marroch house just south of Girona last October. […]
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