10-08-2016 ~ 1 Comment

Wine blogs and reads to feed your summer

About three years ago, I woke up to find out Google killed off Reader. For those you unaware of it as you never really knew what RSS or Feeds were, it’s a very simple system of exchanging articles from blogs around the internet. You can exchange other things as well, but RSS was and continues to be a fine, super simple technology and Google’s deciding to kill off Reader was annoying but ultimately a gift in disguise.

Reader was a very simple system and lacked many features. It’s clear that Google had long thrown in the towel on it and this final bullet to the head let a new company emerge called, Feedly. I moved everything over there and took to their system quite happily as it had the general simplicity of Reader but they were already starting to add more features as thousands and thousands of people moved over to it from Reader showing that RSS wasn’t just for geeks and anti-social media people.

Feedly has continued to add to their features and they have a great mobile app as well which are all free at the basic level. This is solely how I read and keep track of all my wine news. The one exception would be Jancis Robinson’s site as they seem to have made the decision to not have a feed of their articles which means I need to browse over there every day or two to see what’s new which is admittedly rather clunky.

Another advantage of Feedly (I’m not being paid to talk them up, I just really enjoy their service and want more people to use it) is that you can share collections you assemble. I decided to make use of this recently and shared my massive wine news collection. I make joking allusions to its grandeur as it’s rather small. I try to curate it a great deal as wine website have a nasty, nasty tendency to be abandoned with reckless well, abandon and I’ve seen many a great site suddenly stop being updated. When that happens, I yank it from the collection if it goes on for six months or a year.

I’m always on the lookout for new sites as I enjoy reading about wine as much as I can and if you can think some website I should add in there, drop a line. Please keep in mind that some sites I’ve not included despite their being well-known as I’ll check in from time to time but the overall thrust of the articles doesn’t interest me as much as other sites. Nothing personal, just a matter of taste… well, for the most part. Additionally, I would have loved to have included the feed of Decanter but everything, including their kitchen sink passes through there and when they do a large review of wines, you get like 50 or more articles in a morning as well as the Chinese version.

Naturally, if you want to keep up-to-date with this site, you can subscribe to the feed using Feedly or another such service, or if you prefer immediate email updates, you can subscribe at the bottom of the page.

At any rate, I hope this collection gives you a few more sources of juicy articles to see you through sleepy, hot August.