Introducing the Shiba Sommelier

by  |  30-09-2014

Normally, if we want to highlight an Instagram about wine we put it on that article, but every so often one pops up which is worthy of attention in its own right and thus we come to Shiba Sommelier which is pretty much what the name implies–shots of a Shiba dog with wine. For those unfamiliar with this breed, let’s just say that it was seemingly born to mug for photos like this one or this one and the account makes for a great feed of funny photos concocted by the dog’s owner who is studying for the Master of Wine and lives in the Prospect Park neighborhood of New York. It doesn’t stop at photos though as there’s also Twitter, Facebook, and an official site all bandying about the logo of a wine glass with the Shiba ears. While normally we’re bigger fans of cats in photos as they […]
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