Who speaks what when visiting Priorat?

by  |  22-02-2016

Sometime back on the Facebook page of Vinologue, a student in Madrid sent a message infuriated that the official website of DOQ Priorat wasn’t available in Spanish. Back then as it is now, you could go to doqpriorat.org and see that it is indeed available in Spanish, as well as English, French, and the local language, Catalan. I tried to explain that we had nothing to do with the appellation and were an independent wine book publisher. Apparently feeling as if she hadn’t made herself look foolish enough, she then demanded that we publish our books in Spanish and English instead of Catalan and English. I threw in the towel on that discussion very quickly. To be clear, Vinologue books are always printed in English first and foremost as it’s become the principal language for tourism the world over–maybe China will change this but it seems doubtful. Then, as a […]
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