When making (experiments in) wine

by  |  20-10-2016

Much like when an actor decides to record a music album, it takes a pretty arrogant wine writer to decide to make wine and even more so for a sommelier. Given that I’m both of these (I guess sorta the actor as well), for me to make wine would be an act of stupendous assholery that would have seemed impossible to achieve until Trump emerged as the Republican nominee in the 2016 elections. Still, it’s a question I’m asked often by visitors to Priorat and these days I’ll never say that I’ve made wine, but that I’ve made experiments in the form of wine. I’ve seen many writers that go around yabbering that they’re now “winemakers” after making 200L of something one year. This is a massive disservice to the people who have a) spent years actually studying the craft and b) are putting their asses on the line each […]
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