The Morenillo grape (finally) gets official permission

by  |  17-01-2019

Morenillo won’t pop to the top of anyone’s list of go-to grape varieties. After all, it isn’t in the Wine Grapes book and so for most people, it probably doesn’t even exist. That’s plenty fair however as the only region known to cultivate and produce wines from this grape is DO Terra Alta in Southern Catalunya and even there, it’s found in just a few scant hectares for the time being. When assembling the DO Terra Alta report, I ended up tasting several wines made either fully or partially from this grape, despite the fact that it hasn’t actually been permitted for use in wines until the start of 2019. It wasn’t for lack of trying that it’s not in the DO’s official grapes listing as they’d been pushing to have it included for over a decade only to have the Spanish authorities finally relent at the end of last […]
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