The 2017 harvest begins

by  |  19-07-2017

And with the most southern reaches of Spain we come to the first grapes to be harvested in all of Europe for the 2017 vintage. In this case, we cast an eye to DO Montilla-Moriles where they have begun to harvest the Sauvignon Blanc grapes now. While this DO and in general, the south of Spain, is usually earlier than everywhere else, this start date is two weeks earlier than 2016 where they had started August 2nd. They say that while it appears to be a quality harvest, the overall total is down. This is a trend we’ve been seeing in Spain for the last three vintages or so, depending on the region. Montilla-Moriles will quickly be joined by others as I’ve been visiting Cava producers over the last couple of weeks and many were looking towards the next few days to begin harvest of certain plots. Harvests have been […]
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