Taste the unknown: Lukasi – Usakhelauri 2015

by  |  09-02-2019

The most typical roadblock encountered when it comes to Georgian wines is that the language is simply not easy which means that the local grape names aren’t easy. This is definitely not a new or unique problem and has always been an unfortunate, but understandable issue in terms of the marketability of any specific wine grape. After all, few have really warmed to Croatian names such as Crljenak Kaštelanski or Tribidrag and the more typical, Zinfandel stays with us despite those two being the actual, “native” names. But then we (and by we, I mean English speakers) have a soft spot for the “très sexy” of French given that Monastrell or Mataró (the Catalan/Valencian names) are much easier than the French, Mourvèdre yet it’s this which is the official name of the grape. We use it despite the fact I’ve actually heard it pronounced, “Moo-vee-der”–clearly the official wine of dairy […]
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