Paried with Lukasi Saperavi 2013

by  |  26-11-2016

When in Tbilisi, Culinarium Khasheria is one of those must-eat stops for most anyone. I was there just recently while working on the last bit of research for the Georgian wine book and like previous times, the food is brilliant, formed of this fusion from new and old Georgian recipes that I’ve found in precious few other spots. The service at the restaurant is, in keeping with the theme of most restaurants in Tbilisi, horrible. There’s generally a group of spacey guys who are more interested in watching videos on the computer than serving or then there’s been recently a girl who was basically yelling at me when seating and taking my order. Given this theme, the wine list is also hit and miss in that it lists a lot of hits, but they’re a miss as they rarely seem to have them in stock. Again, like servers watching football […]
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