A look at Torres’ Clos Ancestral wines

by  |  21-06-2023

Piece by piece, a decades-long project is coming to fruition for the Torres winery. These two wines reviewed below are comprised of grape varieties that were part of a long, long initiative to bring back... more »

Torres grows in Galicia

by  |  05-09-2022

The winemaking family Torres doesn’t seem to do anything small and has recently announced that they’ve purchased Bodegas Valdamor in Rías Baixas, Galicia, Spain, a 3,000 square meter facility that will allow greater expansion of... more »

A reflective tasting on DOQ Priorat’s 2010 vintage

by  |  29-03-2021

Every year in Priorat, there’s a small event called the, Tast del Decenni or, “decade tasting”. It’s an intimate affair in a very packed room that takes place during the annual Fira del Vi. The... more »

In The Glass: Torres – Forcada 2016

by  |  19-02-2021

A story in wine spheres that probably hasn’t received enough attention is the work that Torres has been doing to recuperate the “lost” grape varieties of Catalunya. As the story goes, starting back in the... more »

Torres brings Forcada to the forefront

by  |  11-03-2020

Spanish winemaking stalwart, Torres has announced an expansion of Forcada grape plantings near the village of la Llacuna in Alt Penedès. Embracing their overall plan to reintroduce this grape into production, they’ve planted the vines... more »

Family wineries and the issue of Climate Change

by  |  04-03-2019

Last week I was invited to a friendly, relaxed lunch in Barcelona, albeit one that was focused on the serious topic of Climate Change and how it relates to winemaking. The unfortunate joke behind the... more »

#sademoji, Catalunya loses its cellar lead

by  |  27-08-2018

Well, Catalunya ain’t Number One anymore; at least in terms of Spanish regional cellar totals. State government statistics have come out that at last official count, there are 606 registered cellars in the Autonomous Region... more »

In The Glass: Jean Leon – La Scala 2009

by  |  07-08-2017

The Jean Leon winery is one of the more interesting projects up in Penedès and it’s something of a crown jewel in the ‘experimental’ wineries that Torres owns. I’ve tasting a number of wines from... more »

Adieu France – The regrafting of Catalan vineyards

by  |  09-03-2017

“I can’t speak for all of Spain, but Cabernet Sauvignon sucks in Catalunya. You pick it when it’s ripe and you’re going to be making dessert wine. You pick it before it raisins and it’s... more »

Tasting the tops of Torres

by  |  24-05-2016

For the August issue of Decanter (which will be out at the beginning of July) I wrote up a profile about Miguel Torres Jr. who, since 2012 has been the General Director of the Torres... more »