Cairanne’s cru bump & Brunel de la Gardine14-05-2016

When at Vinisud back in February, the happy rumbling around town was that Cairanne had just gone from being Côtes du Rhône Villages to a full cru meaning that from 2016 onward, those studying all... more>

The rest of 201605-01-2016

Continued from yesterday, a few more observations about what’s to come in 2016 in general and outside of Catalonia. Southern France I just received an email from Michel Blanc in Châteauneuf going on at length... more>

To somm or not to somm11-08-2014

At the end of last week I was having a meal with friends in the Priorat village of Porrera at La Cooperativa. The friends in question happened to be Albert and Roger of Vall Llach... more>