Welmoed: Everything collected under one roof01-02-2012

Calling themselves the “the company of wine people”, Welmoed is one of those wineries that offers pretty much something for everyone with a massive selection. They’re not an estate winery, but a co-op and as... more>

Growling around Knorhoek18-01-2012

In the 18th century, if you had a problem with large, possibly man-eating felines cruising around your farm, then a phrase like, “knorhoek” or “the place where lions growl” would seem quite fitting. And this... more>

Doing the Dornier03-01-2012

Set up against the mountains, Dornier is a winery with striking, majestic grounds. The curve on the roof of the modern winery building echoes the mountains behind it and everything works to center upon the... more>

A serving of Stellenrust29-12-2011

Stellenrust is well-situated. Not only does it have wonderful vistas of the mountains, including Table Mountain, but of the 200 hectares of vineyards they own, half of it is in the “Golden Triangle” which is... more>

The story of M’Hudi winery03-11-2011

The story of M’Hudi is that of a Setswana woman who was displaced by the invasion of the Zulu. Living in the bush, she met a man also separated from his people who she saved... more>