Charles Collin, Champagne, France

by  |  15-02-2023

Having a look at some of the current releases from Charles Collin, a Champagne house that has some 140 growers providing grapes from 330ha and a strong focus on Pinot Noir which makes up 92%... more »

In The Glass: André Clouet Brut Millésimé 2008

by  |  27-01-2021

And now for something different as I don’t really drink much Champagne. I know, I know, it’s horridly sacrilegious as I’ve been told repeatedly by many a colleague in the UK wine trade. But, being... more »

Champagne’s terroir problem

by  |  01-04-2019

The train to Champagne departs Paris every hour at 36 minutes past from Gare de l’Est. While the carriages might be from an past era, the trip isn’t long with the congestion and sirens of... more »

The 2017 Wine Predictions in review

by  |  18-01-2018

It’s one thing in wine to shoot your mouth off at the beginning of the year about what you believe will come to be in the next 12 months. In reality, it’s a crapshoot as... more »

A book review of “Essi Avellan’s Champagne”

by  |  16-08-2017

What I know of Champagne is purely by obligation. In sommelier studies and other wine courses, given its dominance in the sparkling wine world, Champagne is required knowledge and I know as much as it... more »

Why not to drink sparkling wines in a Champagne glass

by  |  31-07-2017

For most of July, I’ve been drinking a lot of sparkling wine. While it would seem a natural fit with the hot weather (and it’s not just my imagination) I’ve been tasting a vast array... more »

Wine Predictions for 2017

by  |  28-12-2016

This is of course that time of year when anyone writing in wine sets forth their grand predictions for this next trip around the sun. Yay! They can sometimes be interesting but, despite its slow... more »

Cava versus Champagne

by  |  30-12-2015

With New Year’s Eve just around the corner and having slogged through multiple bottles of sparkling wine during the Christmas meals, I felt it a good time to talk about Champagne and Cava. One should... more »

The Torroja harvest tasting

by  |  02-11-2012 ~ 4 Comments

We were fortunate enough to be in Priorat during the fall harvest party (or festa de la verema) that was put on by Trio Infernal and Terroir al Límit this last week, in the small... more »

The holiday bubble question

by  |  28-12-2011

Based upon the history of Champagne, one could argue that it is nothing more than the result of red wine attempting to be produced in the wrong climate and now drank because everyone wants to... more »